Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Hour

......gonna post later

wait k

******story begin******

Feb 25, 09

Got msg from him...similar to this;

boarding to KL in 10 mins...c u there at tg malim...

+60179+++++++(cant mention here...P&C)

08:08:08( fav no. at all)

I did reply his msg but not immediately after he sent me dat msg..about an hour after he sent me dat msg, then i reply his....haha...normal things, it's always happening...kikiki....aku mmg suke lmbt nk bls msg die....sori class's not my fault...don't blame me ok...haha

then we msg each other and on that time he already otw to the KL Sentral from lcct....and me lak time tu ngah meronggeng ngan my coursemate...haha...meronggeng??cam x sesuai je utk kami yg sopan la...i just join them buy their lunch at the restaurant in front of my campus...

about 12 he msg me and told me that he think he cant catch up the bus...ade bas yg gerak pkol 12tgh hr from pudu to tg die lak x sempat nk ape yg die wat lame2 kt sentral pon i tatau...mmg la mamat nie....then i's ok still got another bus...amek je la yg gerak kol 12.30...sempat lg...i g tau la mane coordinate kaunter bas yg special itu...haha...jgn tatau yg kt pudu ade 1 kaunter khas utk trip tp Tg Malim...i'm proud to be one of the Tg Malim's folks(temporarily only)

then...he explore and lastly he manage to find for that place....congratz bro...bijak la abg nie...hehe

just after hv the ticket, he msg me the bus and what time the bus will gerak to tg malim...sgt bgs la abg nie...inform satu2...huhu...then i told him about the service not so good....he said, doesn't matter la...yg penting sampai tg malim dgn selamat for the sake of U(me la tu)..opsss....terharu hati ini...hehe...ngade2 jerk...

i said that the journey normally took about an hour to reach tg, u will reach here on 1.30 pm....i think better i pray my Zohor 1st then i'll go to pick up U at the bus station....jgn nakal2 laks kt situ....tunggu je tau..hehe...i gtau la kt die yg kt ats tu ade surau...leh la die smayg terus kt situ...hehe...die ok je...die ckp nk explore tg malim la...haha..explore tg malim??xyah la...bazir tenaga je...duk diam je kt situ tgk permandangan sekitar tg malim sudah...

@ 2.00p.m
as usual, my driver took me and straight away to the pekan....dr jauh i dh nmpk dh mamat tu kt bus station kt tingkat atas...ngah tgk ape ntah..mcm fokus jerk..usha aweks la sj wat lmbt2 dlm kete my driver tu....then akhirnye die mengalahkan dirinye gaks...haha..die kalih kt kitorg sambil senyum2...huhu...oooo tadik tanak pandang ye..ngade2 jerk

suddenly, ade guy dtg bukak pintu kete kt seat aku...pergh dh ala2 cam princess da...wopss...mmg aku suke nk jd princesss...dr kecik lg tau....princesss temok lps laa...haha...jokes....

noe what???tokey bas Star Coach yg dtg bukak pintu kete kt seat aku tu....haha...mst korang igt fakhri kan yg dtg bukak??tadek nye mamat tu nk wat camtu kat manje2...die asyik train aku jd the most independent young lady in the world jerk....tu je aims die kt aku...high expectation on me to be a very independent young lady....tgk la one day kot...haha..not now ok...

then the tokey asks me...upsi ek??aku tatau nk jwb driver yg tlg jwbkan..aah upsi...then the tokey asks another Q....KL??then aku pandang my driver again...and again my driver tlg jwbkan...yurp KL, duwe org maa...the tokey wat muke terkejut then kalih kt seat blkg...he found that no body at the back...haha...we all three laugh...hahahaha..then i kuar kete and dapatkan my abg..opsss...sowie wat awk tunggu hal la....die ckp...hihi

then die bayau tiket bas dulu...we both naik la that bus...yg gerak pkol2.00...pasal aku, die gerak lmbt ckit..hihi...beberapa minit la...xde la amek mase lame sgt pon..huhu..ekceli, it's not my fault..the tokey yg beriye ok...hehe...lg skali bangge

haha..lam bas tu ade cam byk gak la yg terjadi..terjadi??x sesuai...yg r the journey took about an hour to reach KL...hihi...tanak la citer kt cni...let it be our memory....actually it;s more about the things the happened during our long silence (jan 3,08- Feb 18, 09) one year plus plus....waktu2 kesunyi-sepian ku

sampai KL, lapau....haha...both x mkn lagik..cewah excited ngat nk jumpe sampai x pk psl mkn...haha...gilows...then die tye aku nk g mkn mane?aku wat muke comey...haha...x sangke lak die phm...aku nk mc D!!!...noe what, die dlm pantang tp sbb aku nk die on je...uiks pantang??tau x pantang ape???haha...ekceli die ngah boikot...ala yg psl kes itu la...tanak la citer kt sni...sensitivity

to be continue******

Monday, February 23, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back To Back

A New Chapter Begins







arini sy sgt gumbira...huhu

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Tutor Friend nak kenalkan cekgu F sy...die seorang cekgu yang bijak menggunakan beberapa approach yg sesuai dlm pengajarannya (thru ym je pon)...die telah berjaya mengajar dis gurl how to play with math of the games that he successfully teach me was the time u read this, u ppl may be laugh at me bcoz of i just learn how to deal with this kind of math's ok guys...better late than never

really appreciate all the ideas given by him and makes me deeply enough understand the rules and all the things that me as a player not advisable to do...there were several things...huhu

he's the one who in green..hohoho

Monday, February 16, 2009

truly madly deeply what i said in the previous gonna be nightmare for US (at48's stud)

there's no right or wrong

we've learned lots of things from him...he's the one who always said that he puts a very high expectation on US...he did it but don't get wrong Sir...frankly speaking, this thing wasn't supposed to happen...we ourselves dont try to hv dat kind of high level expectation...he always press US all the time in the lecture...sometimes, we gonna feel like very uncomfortable with this thing...

try to follow his way of teaching in order to hv deep understanding on his own ways giving or in other words; transferring US his knowledge....


From The Bottom of My Broken Heart
by Britney Spears

"Never look back," we said

How was I to know I'd miss you so?

Loneliness up ahead, emptiness behind

Where do I go?

And you didn't hear

All my joy through my tears

All my hopes through my fears

Did you now, still I miss you somehow

From the bottom of my broken heart

There's just a thing or two i'd like you to know

You were my first love,

You were my true love,

From the first kisses to the very last rose

From the bottom of my broken heart

Even though time will find me somebody new

You were my real love, I never knew love

'Til there was you

From the bottom of my broken heart

"Baby," I said,

"Please stay. Give our love a chance for one more day"

We could have worked things out

Taking time is what love's all about

But you put a dart through my dreams

Through my heart

And I'm back where I started again

Never thought it would end

From the bottom of my broken heart

There's just a thing or two I'd like you to know

You were my first love,

You were my true love

From the first kisses to the very last rose

From the bottom of my broken heart

Even though time will find me somebody new

You were my real love, I never knew love

'Til there was you

From the bottom of my broken heart

You promised yourself

But to somebody else

And you make it so perfectly clear

Still I wish you were here

From the bottom of my broken heart

There's just a thing or two I'd like you to know

You were my real love, I never knew love

'Til there was you

From the bottom of my broken heart

"Never look back," we said,

How was I to know I'd miss you so?

footyNottyNotes just hv deep understanding about what msg insides in dis lovely song...b4 dis, i juz listen without try 2 hv deep understanding towards dis song....

psst tomorrow going to be B Sc Math students' nightmare...not going to tell U details here...hoho

Saturday, February 14, 2009

perutusan drpd SV

Like what I said in the other post. I want you to do an action research. First, you choose a topic in numerical method or high school syllabus that you think by using scientific calculator can improve the teaching and learning.

Then you design two test in this topic which the level of difficulty is same. Then you find a group of respondent, teach them the topic without teaching then how to solve by using calculator (if they already know the topic then you can skip this step.), then give them a test to them (this is pretest), after the first test, you teach them how to solve the method using the calculator, after that give them the second test(this is the post test).

You have to record how much the time they spent for answer the test and record the marks they score. Then you analyze the data, check whether by using scientific calculator, the time spent to answer the question is reduce or not, and the score is improve or not.

As an alternative, you can have two group of respondent, one group you teach them the topic without teaching them the usage of scientific calculator, and the other group teach the topic with the usage of scientific calculator. Then you give both group same test, and record their time to solve the question and the marks they score. After that do the analysis.

The first method we call action research, and the data we obtain is dependent data. (do you know what is action research? can you explain why it is a dependent data? Please find out.) The second method is experimental research, and the data is independent data. (do you know what is experimental research? Can you explain why it is a independent data? Please find out.)

In my point of view, I prefer the first method, because after the research, my respondent will gain the knowledge of using the calculator. However, most of the researcher will prefer the second method, because they believe that the second method is more powerful. For first method, people may doubt that the respondent can score better because of the carry forward effect, they score because the learn the topic more than one time. But for the second method don't have this problem. However, in my point of view, for the second method, the respondent is different individual, they have different background and knowledge. The experiment group score better may be because the experiment group student is smarter, if this is the case, then it is still ok. But what if you face a situation that the control is smarter, and they score better than the experimental group. Then you may have a conclusion that the scientific calculator doesn't help on their score. So which method do you prefer? Or do you think there is any method to solve the problem face in both test? Try to think about it.

I hope that you can understand what I explain here. If you still have problem, please do not hesitate to ask.

Have a nice weekend.


Friday, February 13, 2009

U.S~~ Persahabatan Yg Hanya Berusia 2 minggu ++

semalam cerai; arini rujuk kembali

giler... mmg x dpt dinafikan perkara sebegini x seharusnya berlaku dlm persahabatan...kite perlu menilai sebuah persahabatan bukan hanya pada zahirnya; ttp lebih kepada batinnya (the meaning insides)

org slalu slh sangka..asal a gurl and a boy rapat ckit, mula la nk skandal2... fyi, it's not necessary every single couple hv a very tight friendship b4..

love and friendship are 2 diff things...very2 diff

so, jgn la anggap persahabatan antara lelaki-pompuan itu akan berakhir dgn percintaan

from my point of view; the language of friendship is not words, but the meanings inside

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

haha it was 2nd anniversary

Feb 12

ya...i still can remember what happen on last two yrs time

supposedly, i go to class 30 minutes b4 8 o'clock in the morning... coz there were lots of rintangan and cabaran to rebut the coach to go to the campus

take time

and dat day, i'm late not bcoz i over slept or what so ever...
just bcoz one thing... just bcoz a phone call...emm tanak citer details kt sini..let it be memory of mine

shorting down the story; i go to school with my eyes look merah2 ckit, cair2 ckit and a little bit nmpk cam bengkak...giler...dh la lmbt turun bwh (dlu me duk apartment -8th floor) terpakse call my friend;aina ckp blom siap dlm toilet sambil bukak air kt bangang jerk kalo diingat kembali...

back to the main topic....then aku turun lmbt dlm 15 minit cam tu la...tunggu punye tunggu; time tu aku dh xde semangat nk rebut2 coach tu..aku tunggu jerk sampai org dh kurang ckit...aku queue(wah, 1st time aku jd baik x berebut)

then bernasib baik lak ade space.. aku duduk and pandang tingkap jerk..fikiran giler kosong...empty...

stranger: lambat gak ke arini??
me: ha? owh..a'ah coursemate la plak sit besides me

stranger: apsal arini lmbt?? haa gayut la tu smlm...huh
me: emm x la...xde ape..dh tu apsal Faiz lmbt gak??panjat pokok ke smlm?? tersenyum lak ngn lawak sendirik

Faiz: haha...lawak r sue ni...apsal sue?
me: ape?
Faiz: haa
me: what Faiz??
Faiz: tuuuu
me bukak my Silky Girl compact powder then look...owh no!!!
my eyes cam ape ntah...gilows...
me: ala Faiz....camne ni nk msk class nnt org laen nmpk...
Faiz: lek sue..bertenang...ala nnt sue follow je la Faiz dr blkg.. sue kn small size jerk..confirm lindung kalo follow Faiz dr blkg...karang duk je sblh Faiz..tau??
me: emm...baek


giler malu dlm class..dh la dtg lmbt..muke dh mcm ape dah...kah kah kah...gelak utk diri sendiri

footyNottyNotes: I'm not crying, it's just been raining on my face

Get to know urself

What is self?

Who are you?

What are you about?

What are your core values and beliefs?

What do you love to think about?

Self is who you are inside.

**You have to understand this self.

If you don't understand your Self, how can you have faith in

How will you have direction in your life?

If you don't fully understand yourself, there are
hundreds...maybe thousands...of messages hammering you each
day from media and the people in your life. These messages
will define you instead unless you understand yourself.

You want to reach your destination rather than be tossed
about like a ship without a sail.

Start taking time to get to know yourself.

Learn to enjoy your own company.

And...dare I say it...fall in love with yourself.

Then you will have the confidence that will carry you

So get to know your Self.

Sometimes outside encouragement is helpful.

butakah Cinta itu?

i got this

It is not LOVE that is blind; but jealousy.....

life Travelling

"LiFe Is FuLL oF rOaDS, aS We TravEL On..sOmE wE TrY tO fOrgEt N sOmE wE WiSh wE nEveR paSSed bUt ThErE`S OnE rOAd I CaN`T fOrGeT..a rOaD tO FiND SuMtHiNg That I wAnT tO.."

A Phone Call by Oz guy from Mesia

aha...aku panas giler petang tadik after join discussion about our 2nd assignment on techno in teaching Math...about 4 hrs gak la tadik aku ngan my member kt 24 hrs room...beku kuar2 jerk dr room tu, emm terus rase panas...dat was de point...blk umah, rehat jap then aku terus check in...haha...kat hotel mane lak nie...huhu..tak de la...aku book shower room usual; kalo x cecah half an hour...bkn Ms Sue la kat dlm tu..hihi...

just after finished; my phone ringing.....***

lame gak la...xmcm just nak misscall la...ala2 nk call btol la...emm aku bkn suke nk pick up@answer de phone call kalo no tu aku x kenal...biar jerk...aish...memekak la plak

***stop gak la akhirnye

aku touch-up2 sume; tetibe ringing lg skali..haiyaa...mmm jap la bg ruang ckit..aku tarik deep breath then aku dgn cool nye answer dat call...

me: emm helo (nada agak tinggi N cam ganas ckit r)
caller: ello!!

ai tinggi gak nada de caller..ceit
otak sdg memproses milik siapekah suara itu??
i know who is he...absolutely "him"

me: haaaa
caller: ha? apa ha ha??hohoho (he laugh at me)

siyes aku x sangke he will call me using Mesia phone number (hotlink lak tu)

me: bile sampai sini??
caller: marin lg...
me: ooo aah la marin 10 sampai smlm... tp aini br nk call..emm ye la sape la kite....ok
caller: ek ade number jerk beli td...

gumbira hati ini

me: owh..nombor lime hengget ek?huhu
caller: lime hengget??
me: dah tu how much??
caller: ntoh...tadik bg lime ploh...then die bg bape je baki..ntah la...


me: eh dh lame ni...awk wat active 10 x nie?
caller: apsal?mende ape tu?
me: kalo call biase 33sen per minit kot
me: tp kalu wat active 10 ke 5 ntah le; murah ckit..half kot
caller: ntah biyo ler

gelak guling2 cket. story about his lil bongsu one...very de manja...huhu...normal; anak last...ceit memahami nampak

caller: mmm lame dah ni..
me: aah la...dah nak
caller: i love you

what???otak aku xley nak digest that things..siyes tergamam gak la aku...honestly, dah lame gile aku x dpt dengar ayat itu...

caller: hahaha (he laughing) bdk tecik mencelah: i love you (again)

now i know who is the host of that voice just now...she...yes!!!

caller: ok ek hehehe...

kedengaran suara kanak-kanak tak puas hati x dpt kacau...hihi

me: ok2...hehe...i love you too la..
me: bye..salam

***call end

call duration: 22 minutes and 47 seconds

**just want to share

"I can never forget about him… He was the only one I ever loved that much… I will never love someone else as I loved him… I can never imagine myself being with someone else…"

Do these phrases sound familiar? Have you been in that situation before?

If your answers are yes, then know that you were fooled and that you have been programmed to believe in the idea of “The one”.

The Myth of "The One"

Most romantic movies that you've seen, coupled with your imagination and lack of knowledge about the psychology of love have caused you to acquire a false idea about love, namely, thinking that there is something called “The One”. Everything that you see and hear programs your mind a bit and the more programming you receive about a certain idea, the more it's likely to eventually become a solid belief. This is exactly what happened with your idea about "The One". While reading this, you may find something inside you trying to resist the truth, but after looking at the following points you will realize that your belief was only an illusion.

Is the Concept of “The One” true?

  • Anyone could fill that role: What actually makes you think that this person was “The one” is the sweet experience that you had with him. This experience is associated with that person and stored in your mind as one item, and so you think of both the experience and the person as one thing but actually they are two separate things. If you still aren't convinced, just wait and see what happens the next time you fall in love with someone and share that same sweet experience together. You will just forget about your old love and this new person will become the new "one".
  • How many "ones" did you have before?: Just take a look at your past and you will discover that each time you fell in love you thought that this person was the one, that whatever happened you wouldn't be able to forget about him and that you won't be able to find someone like him again. What usually happens is that a few months later someone else appears in your life and becomes “the one” and so life goes on.
  • The psychology of falling in love: As I said before, before you fall in love with someone your mind matches him against certain predefined criteria, if anyone matches these criteria you may end up falling in love wih him, but just because someone matched these criteria once and became “The one”, that doesn't mean that no one else can match it. What this actually signifies is that this person is currently the best match but sooner or later a better match could be found.
  • Is this your first deep love experience? : If this is your first deep love experience, you will most probably believe in that false idea called “The one” more strongly simply because you have never experienced that emotional intensity with someone else before. In that case, you're not really to blame if you thought that he was the one, but the next time you enter a relationship, you will discover that it was the emotional intensity and not the person himself whom you loved.

Minggu2 yg memenatkan

emmm...sowie la korang...dh lame x meninggalkan bahan bukti yg menunjukkan sy masih wujud di dunia ini..haha...gile ah...jokes...actually minggu ni kitorg dibelenggu ngan pelbagai masalah...multiple problems come to us...assignment beratur-atur tgh tunggu giliran...kena siapkan b4 due...karang ade lak yg terlepas maklum laa...byk sgt...kadang tu sampaikan ade kes tersilap tulis course code kt front cover...haha...lecturer lain yg mengajar; tp pergi taip name lecturer lain...hahaha...sume dh tunggang langgang...hope by this weekend, kurang la ckit mende alah yg nk kene pk dan terus pk...aish...ponat den...erm tanak la rambling kt sni pjg2...wat menyemak jerk, kan kawan2 kan?? haha...okes...chow

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jutaan Terima Kasih

So kepada sesiapa yang seterusnya yang akan dapat award ni, silalah

1. Copy Badge “2008 Cute’s Blogger Award” untuk diletakkan di blog anda - checked

2. Link atau ceritakan kembali siapa yg memberikan award ini kepada anda -

Interpretation Actually i got this from Wa a.k.a Miss Nad. Her fullname; Nurul Nadwa Ahmad Zaidi. very the exactly right spelling.. huhu... coz i do remember most of my gangstarzs' fullname...aha... She really addict to purple color.. Yes! really k...dont believe me??aha i got the enough evidence to support my claim at all... i did copy this originally from her very cute blog read if you not believe on me...huhu..

psst Wa, Sue copy ni tau... as bukti... hehe.. tp ade sedikit renovation on the design...nope the statement...huhu

"Background aku ni pink ke purple ek?

aku carik purple or ala-ala purple laa susah nau nak dapat..

stereotype betol la.. ingat sume girl suke pink ek?

aku suke purple tau, aku tak bape kenan sangat ngan pink ni.. wahaha...

tetiba aku jadik colour blind..

kejap aku nampak background aku ni cam purple.. kejap cam pink..

kalo pink harus aku tuka...


3. Setiap blogger hendaklah menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum pemenang seterusnya -

10 jerk?? tak boleh lebih ckit ke??huhu..demand laks...okes... Sy yang menurut perintah

  1. suke berangan
  2. suke cari pasal x kesah la pasal ape pon... suke nk carik
  3. suke buat hal
  4. suke tito lame2
  5. suke buat keje esp keje skolah yg owez given by my beloved lecturers
  6. love surf tenet
  7. love good foods esp yg berasaskan chocolate but not choki-choki ok!
  8. love photo editing using software coz xde bakat semulajadi nk lukis2 nie
  9. love numbers a lot eg math games--> Sudoku of course!!!
  10. and of course, i love to be loved

4. Anda perlu memilih 10 penerima award seterusnya dan menyertakan nama mereka di blog anda.

10?? so large sample i tot..hihi...

  1. xtau la nk kasi sape coz cam da ramai jerk yg dh dpt award ni
  2. .
  3. .
  4. .
  5. .
  6. .
  7. .
  8. .
  9. .
  10. sape2 je la blh terime award ni kalo die rase die nye blog cute bangat...huhu...feel free to have this special award K!!!


Monday, February 2, 2009

Artwork Again

original picture

1st version

2nd version

3rd version

di saat sepi ku sendiri

bebeling sj gatal combine same pictures...hehe

1st Artwork Using PhotoScape


my 1st artwork by using this new editing image software... i just find this...very friendly-user...easy to explore...just click2, then pop u can see the new artwork...hehe...very dynamic

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Do I Make Myself Clear???

bosan melanda jiwa

The Girls Are Back In Town

sudah berada di TM
sudah ada perasaan mahu balik rumah
sudah diserang sindrom sakit rumah
sudah lapar
nak makan masakan MAK!!!!!