Monday, October 26, 2009


mixed up feeling of mine and i can't control it until there's rainy on my face *sob sob sob

.... and suddenly got someone knock me thru facebook chat space


and i got this

"keep smiling and think positive. jangan bagi mood kawal kite. but you yourself have to control it. control your mood. if you keep in track with positive thinking, you can convert all those sh*t things into a sweet smile... there's nothing beyond our control. Do remember my dear, pressure makes DIAMOND... i want to see ur smile...:)"

arghhh...kenape mst ade perkataan "dear"... nasihat tu dah orait dah tapi the word "dear", ish...byk maksud tersirat la...

*ok! think on the bright side; dear=sayang=>sayang as a friend full stop.


i'M yORkE said...

hahaha..just don't make things a simple minded person like me..and you will always be happy..hahaha..ala,'dear' je pun..dear friend,dear teacher,dear parents..dear jgak..huhuhu

unwanted said...

i'm suppose to be a simple minded person but what can i do...i'm too negative...hahaha...stress sendiri...i'm always hide the dark side of me..people surround me selalu kene "auta"...what they usually see is not true me...what they see is the extremely cheerful and happy go lucky young lady! wink wink~~~ mereka tertipoo

about dear...haha...kalo u panggil i dear confirm i x terlanjur pk org yg penah meluahkan isi perut die eh silap2...isi hati die kat i; i pulak dah renyukkan hati die...rasenye i penah post psl die...yg i ckp org tu nak lebih dari seorg kawan...tu pon kalo u still ingat la...dah lame kot entry tu...wehee~~