Sunday, April 26, 2009

Is It TRUE???

It's True
by Backstreet Boys

Even the lover makes a mistake sometimes.

Like any other, fall out and lose his mind.

And I'm sorry for the things I did,

For your teardrops, or the words I said.

Can you forgive me and open your heart once again? Oh yeah.


It's true. I mean it.

From the bottom of my heart.

Yeah, it's true.

Without you I would fall apart.

Whatever happened, I know that I was wrong. Oh yes. <----bgs la die tau silap dan salah die

Can you believe me? Maybe your faith is gone.

But I love you and I always will,

So I wonder if you want me still.

Can you forgive me and open your heart once again?

Oh yeah.


I'd do anything to make it up to you.

So, please understand and open your heart once again.

Chorus 2x

It's true.

this song really bring thousand and one meaning to me and Mr Pillar
me myself still dont know and confusing whether this kind of issue make sense or not bcoz it was last 7 years (form 2's story~~~).

ntah ler belalang....guwe enggak tau...true ke tak true ke...anggap sajek la tu citer lame yg x mungkin akan menjadi kenyataan...let it be memory of yours...forever and hrp2 Mr Pillar boleh phm status dan keadaan aku skrg yg sudah mempunyai lovelife yg diharapkan kekal abadi~~~i'm always pray for it...=)

psst now i need to give extra concentration towards my 2 more papers and unforgettable presentation too....peace!!!


4.z.L.i.N.4 said...

hahahaha love is fun and beautiful..
yes it hurts sometimes..
but it worth the pain when u r loved by someone who u adored and love like hell...


unwanted said...

yar~~~it's true if u r loved by someone who u adored and love like my case, enggak begitu kesah bkn menceritakan mengenai en kangaroo.....hihihi..another guy's story tp just story mory jerk la...never ever menjadi kenyataan punye la....i'm stick with him only occay...hehe

i decided to treat Mr Pillar as normal friend only kenot more than that....yihaa sbb sy syg en kangaroo sy lebey..hihi

*blushed =)

Mr F said...

Hurmm..macam kenal je MR Pillar tu..hehehe..

unwanted said...


Mr F @ my en kangaroo kenal ke Mr Pillar tu?

hihi...xpe..jgn risau...xde pape punye la...suhaila sudah menerangkan sume2 yg patut diterangkan dan result, die phm dan xkan bangkitkan lg issue nie...hehe..kami kawan...hanya kawan...peace!!