Monday, April 6, 2009


By: Wan Suhaila Binti Wan Ismail

Frankly, I’m happy with the assignment that I’ve done. I’ve earned some experiences from this assignment. Now, I got knowledge about how to prepare a good lesson plan for teaching Mathematics in secondary school. I’ve learned many things for example the appropriate CCTS, noble values to be promote and some strategies for set induction. Lesson plan was very important for the teacher as a guide to make a meaningful teaching and learning process. However, teacher still has right to rearrange or modify the lesson plan according to the situation on that moment. I’m happy to gain extra knowledge from Dr. Lim Chong Hin. I took his comment and also his advice to repair what the mistakes that I’ve done during the microteaching. I’m learned from my own mistakes.

No matter how carefully we lay the groundwork for a positive classroom community. There will be moments, perhaps even many moments that will spoil our plan. This part going to be likes a heart to heart talk. I have three general questions that cover most situations happened during our microteaching. Will your behavior hurt other people? Others' feelings? Others' belongings? Go to the things that make me unhappy about what I’ve done during microteaching. I’m not interested to talk about other people mistakes. Supposedly, after the games I’m going to give my students a set of answer for each student which is consist of proper working steps for all the questions. I already prepared for it but at the moment, I forgot to distribute the things. Actually the handouts were really important for my students who got the wrong answer during the games. They can compare the working steps with what they have done during the games. May be I got nervous on that time and try to speed up to give space for the closure part. I do think about my friend who going to handle for the closure part and result with me myself forgot to give the set of proper working steps to my students.

Effective teacher language is simple, clear, and direct. I’m going to avoid from personal judgement. During the microteaching, I managed not judge my students personally. I’ve found that I was evaluated them equally and fair. The language we use is one of our most important teaching tools. What we say and how we say it carry tremendous weight in the classroom. Our language can build children up or tear them down. It can model respectful and caring social interactions. The uniqueness of my part was when my all students managed to answer question at the knowledge and comprehension level.

Forgive my minor slip-ups. Like the children, we will make mistakes, and like the children, we need to be able to go back and try again. My only one aim is to keep my students on track to learn at same time promoting good behavior and responsibility. Some people said that rules and limits should leave room for children's creative ideas or different situations. And from my point of view, I need both for a more peaceful and harmonious classroom.

Part of effectively managing the classroom is having an efficient way to put students into groups. Students love working in groups and this is a sure way to partner or group students with variety and inclusion of all students. If I am given another chance to do microteaching, I’m going to evaluate them in a group of four (4). I choose four because it is not too large also not too small to test their understanding. I’m sure enough that all four will take part in solve the given question. Just nice numbers of group members. I’m going to sort according their ability. I will group them according their score or ability. I’m not going to mix the excellent students with the poor students in a group and I want to create different worksheet or to be exact question for test their understanding for different group. At the closure part, I want to create a suggestion box. I’m going to place paper and markers in the writing center so students can write or draw their thoughts and feelings about classroom limits. Ask them to drop these in a suggestion box to use during class meeting discussions and can help me to do my reflection.

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