Friday, January 9, 2009

1st week

high expectations on us (AT48-1st batch-stud)... this words come true from our history of mathematics lecturer, Dr Noor Shah Saad. he was an Associate Prof and currently his position in our faculty is as Assistant Dean. 1st i tot stdy with him will burden me but that claim was totally wrong when i come to his 2nd class on last Thursday evening. sometimes he did some jokes and we laugh together. so now i feel ok in his class. not like during when i was 1st time facing him....huhu...sorry sir for the bad impression towards you.
** already have 2 assignments with him. individually and partner task.

blur class with our Head of Department. sorry to say. but i have to say this. this is what i feel for the 1st week study with him. i hope that he will change his teaching method after this. really hope of that because this is 1st time it introduce this course in UPSI. it was Statistical Modeling past year paper.. no solid referrence book or notes.. no experience in teaching this course also.. i tot it was very tough thing to handle. but whatever it is, i just hope that he will try his very best in giving us the best input and we grab it as much as possible. really hope.
** got 1 assignment (2 questions-simple but complicated to solve) and need to submit on this Monday (Jan 12, 09)

see you again miss.. this time was our 3rd meeting.. 3 directly semester with her makes me think more positive towards her. but not when i was 1st time with her. honestly, there was lots of bad and negative thinking towards her....huhu... jahat bebeno la pelajar cik yg sorang nie... and now, i promise that i won't do the same things to U miss after this. i do appreciate all your hard work before. i know it's not too easy to teach us with all the new courses. tough to you and also to us. i do understand you right now. research method will be lectured by Miss Muzirah Musa and she told us that she prefer to give lecture in our mother tongue--Malay. and what thing that suprised me last meeting with her is, now she already know how to get jokes with us and saying the funny things during her lecture. ermm for me, it was a good improvement. and dont forget about one thing. she is very strict with handphone. so do remind to silent the phone or switch off it
**summarization on journal that discuss about maths education. search for 2 journal but just select only the best 1 for the summarization. submit on this Monday (Jan 12, 09)

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