Wednesday, January 7, 2009

3rd day as 3rd year under grad math stud--session II

i tot 1st week will the very best week in every semester. can having the very sweet moment a.k.a hunny bunnymoon.
previous semester, during the 1st week, still ok. can goyang kaki and some more. comes to 2nd week, getting a bit busier searching for journals and doing some assignment.
but not for this semester.
1st day dah kene psycho ngan lecturer ( Head of Department ) statistical modeling. jalan citer utk sem ini agak penuh dgn cabaran dan berliku-liku for me. ayoyo. help me!!

psst I'm back in TM already. Hate it!!! I'm already homesick and counting days to the next break. know what?? huhu... Today i already got my ticket to back home on this Chinese New Year.... yuhuuuu

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