Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Teaching Mathematics In Secondary School

Teaching is actually two ways business. It cannot be just like talking, talking and talking for the whole period. Not only the teachers, supposedly students should get involved in this kind of business. Anybody agree with me?? Yes or No, it is depend on the person thinking. But in the real world of education, especially the world of Mathematics Education- teaching is exactly as a two-ways business.

Teacher as a role. Everybody put a very high expectation on teachers. We cannot deny with this situation because as a teacher, we need to bring up this responsibility. Be responsible to your profession. Two thousand money as starting is a lot. Did you mention about this? Did you fully work on it? Did you? So please. As a pre-teacher, we need to have some motivation on this thing. Be prepared. It is easy to teach badly; but it is not easy to teach well. So do think twice before you choose to become which category of a becoming in service teacher. Hopefully by 2010, we [AT 48] all together get our place in the world of Mathematics Education- form 6 or may be as one of the educators in Matriculation College.


♥miss zaza♥ said...

hidup cekgu!!!!!!!!!!

unwanted said...

sama-sama la kita perjuangkan profesion kita!!!!!